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The prospect of a divorce promotes both anger and fear.  If you are contemplating a divorce or have been served with papers,  you need the advice of the law firm of Marder and Seidler.  It does not have to be overwhelming.

In many instances they can facilitate a reasonable resolution and settlement without the need for numerous court appearances and expensive legal fees.  They can negotiate maintenance and child support payments in addition to child custody.  Marder and Seidler can explain and protect your rights. They will make sure your spouse and their lawyer do not take advantage of your distress.

Practically everyone gets married with hopes the marriage will last forever. However, statistics reveal that 41% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages end in divorce and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.

The lawyers at Schaumburg Divorce Lawyer represent clients throughout the Schaumburg and surrounding areas. They represent clients in all types of divorce and family law matters, including the following:

Child Custody
Child Support
Prenuptial Agreements
Domestic Violence
Orders Of Protection
Grandparent’s Rights

Marder and Seidler have been practicing divorce and family law in the Schaumburg areas for 43 years. They attend courts in Cook, DuPage Mc Henry, Kane and Lake Counties. They support you in every stop along the way in a fair and aggressive manner.They are sensitive to your feelings and needs.

In many cases the lawyers at Marder and Seidler can successfully negotiate a settlement without the need for costly court proceedings.

If you are contemplating a divorce or have been served with papers, call Marder and Seidler today for a free and confidential initial consultation at affordable rates.