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No one ever plans on getting divorced, but unfortunately it happens. The process of divorce is really distressing, as it promotes both anger or frustration and fear. In SCHAUMBURG, a divorce is known as “dissolution of marriage” under Illinois law. To file a divorce petition one partner must be a resident of ILLINOIS for at least 90 days prior to filling a divorce or to the entry of the Judgment. If you don’t want to face this challenging time alone then hiring experienced Divorce lawyer at Marder & Seidler law firm is the best decision you can take. We will help you to provide best service that facilitates reasonable resolution and settlement at an affordable fee. Schaumburg divorce lawyers will make sure that your spouse and their hired lawyer don’t take any advantage of your stress. In addition, we can negotiate maintenance and child support payments in child custody cases. Marder and Seidler are here to protect your rights. Our lawyers always focus on your goals and objectives.

Contact Marder and Seidler law firm today for a free and confidential consultation at reasonable prices. We attend courts in Cook, Mc Henry, DuPage, Kane and Lake Counties and have been practicing divorce and family law for 43 years in those locations.

Types of Divorce Litigation

There are various types of divorce litigation:

1. Uncontested divorce:

Uncontested divorces are generally straight forward simple cases and can be processed and finalized in a small amount of time. Uncontested divorces are less expensive and take less time, as they do not require any kind of lengthy court process. In this method, both spouses agree to the terms and work together to get a mutual resolution of their marriage.

2. Contested divorce:

Contested divorce cases are the most time consuming, stressful and expensive cases to litigate. In this type of divorce, one or both spouses don’t agree on the term of divorce. It can be related to the division of property, child support, alimony, custody of children or spousal support etc.

3. Agreement Conferences:

Mediated agreement conferences are informal legal proceedings that may be ordered by the Family Law court. In this the court may require both partners to meet with a neutral mediator to discuss their issues and explore various options to resolve the conflicts without prolonged action. The mediator will explain the rules guiding the discussion in the agreement conference and try to find ways to reach the resolution. However, the case will go back to the court for action, if both partners are unable to reach an agreement.

Why do you need divorce Lawyer in Schaumburg to negotiate your Divorce?

Some couples approach the end of a marriage, expecting to fight with their spouse for almost years to get every cent. While other couples expect that a divorce will be easy to negotiate and that’s why they don’t hire a divorce lawyer. But without an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer it’s hard to get a successful result. As most of the divorce cases are resolved through negotiation, Divorce lawyers take care of all the steps that are necessary to negotiate a divorce settlement. It helps to cover all of your relevant problems.

Your lawyer will make sure that both partners must provide the financial documents such as bank statements, brokerage statements, tax returns, and other information that are needed to determine the value of the marital estate that will reach a settlement. Your divorce lawyers protect your rights and make sure that you get best outcome without feeling distressed. An experienced attorney can help you to understand what is fair and reasonable for you in your particular situation. They will explain the law and provide you best guidance about the outcomes.

The knowledgeable and compassionate divorce lawyers at Marder & Seidler law firm can guide you throughout the case while keeping your long-term goals in mind and maintain reasonable expectations. We represent various types of clients throughout Schaumburg and all nearby areas.

Our Excellent divorce Lawyers are ready to:

  • Give you the confidence to be honest and open with us and properly listen to your condition.
  • Make you feel comfortable throughout the process of divorce.
  • Assist you 24/7 for emergency case.
  • Give you proper time and clear all your doubts.
  • Not promise you something that can’t be delivered.

Our divorce lawyers that are in Schaumburg area will guide you in understanding which aspects of your divorce and family law case is negotiable and not negotiable. Contact us for a Free and confidential case consultation. We are specialized in the divorce and family law area. We are ready to support you in every step in a fair and aggressive manner.

Our Lawyers also represent clients in various types of divorce and family law cases, including
1. Divorce
2. Maintenance
3. Child Support
4. Child Custody
5. Orders of Protection
6. Adoption
7. Prenuptial Agreements
8. Domestic Violence
9. Grandparent’s Rights

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If you are searching for a divorce lawyer or have been served with papers, Contact one of our best divorce lawyers in Schaumburg at Marder and Seidler today. We provide free and confidential case consultation at affordable prices. We help you to protect your rights in all aspects of divorce, including equitable division of property, spousal support/maintenance, and prenuptial agreements. In most of our divorce cases our lawyers have successfully negotiated a settlement without the need for costly court proceedings. Our lawyers have been practicing divorce and family law for over 43 years. We also attend various courts in Cook, Kane, DuPage Mc Henry, and Lake Counties.

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